With its natural beauty and lush vegetation, Trsteno is one of the loveliest places in the region of the Dubrovnik.

It is well known for its  ARBORETUM, one of the oldest and most beautiful gothic-renaissance parks on the eastern Adriatic coast, with the Gucetic-Gozze family villa from the 15th century.

Trsteno is an old seamen’s and sea captain’s settlement, as evidenced by the votive paintings in the parish church of St.Vitus.

Two giant plane trees, over 500 years old, 5 m in diameter and 60 m high, stand in the centre of the village, by the Adriatic highway.

With its clear, unpolluted sea, shoreline promenades, possible excursions to Elafiti islands, and easy access to Dubrovnik, Trsteno is an ideal holiday resort from spring until autumn.

Visitor can stay in private homes, and at the camping site.